Custom car design and development

In addition to deep tuning and custom, our company is engaged in the manufacture of cars on an individual order.

Any production car is woven from compromises. Even if it is a premium brand car, the exterior and interior have hundreds of exactly the same cars.

The advantage of a custom-made car is that you get a car that best suits your needs.

If you are tired of putting up with the monotony of production cars? Do you dream of becoming the owner of a car in a single copy? We are ready to create a car that is not yet in the world. Whether «uncompromising sport» or «exclusive comfort» we know how to make it happen.


Creating a car from scratch consists of several stages

After discussing the concept, we proceed to the design of the car. It includes 3D modeling, calculation and testing of the structure as a whole and individual units and mechanisms:

  • frames
  • chassis
  • body
  • interior

If necessary, we can modify the power unit and transmission. And even make, especially for you.

Each stage is performed and paid separately. You can order from us both the manufacture of the entire car, and any stage of development, calculation or 3D modeling.

After the approval of the project, we begin to implement it.

Our facilities allow us to manufacture a space or spar frame, manufacture suspension parts, create a composite body and equip the car with all the necessary systems.

We also pay attention to the development and manufacture of the salon. After approval of the design and creation of a 3D model, we proceed to the manufacture of interior parts. It remains only to choose the finishing materials.


And your dream car is ready. Let's make your dream car

Who among us in childhood did not dream of his car? Which should be the fastest, most beautiful and generally the best. The desire to get a custom-made car is obvious due to the oversaturation of the same and banal production cars. It's time to make your dreams come true.

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