3D modelling

Any node, every detail must not only perform its functions, but also be reliable and technically perfect. We are engaged in 3D modeling of parts, individual components and the entire car.


3D Modelling

The development of any car starts with a concept. Based on it, everything else is added. Appearance, dimensions, materials and, as a result, weight are the most important characteristics of a car. But the most noticeable, the most inspiring thing that gives the impression of a car is, of course, a 3D Model.

Drawing a car is easy. Even Photoshop or 3D visualization programs like 3D Max are suitable for this purpose. But such models are rather rough sketches unsuitable for industrial design.

We work in professional 3D modeling programs. Any of our models is suitable for industrial production. For milling, bending, stamping, cutting and other types of machining.

You can provide us with a sketch, sketch, sketch or visual model for further work. But we will still convert it into an industrial 3D model using professional modeling programs.

We will develop a design for you, from sketches to the final sketch. Any stage is coordinated with you. We discuss options, clarify the details, taking into account your wishes, based on manufacturing technology, the design of mechanisms and assemblies.

Our advantage over "artists" who think only about visualization is that we immediately lay the possibility of manufacturing a mechanism, taking into account its design, actual dimensions and proportions. While visualization will remain only a beautiful picture.

Turning to us, you will be sure that at the end you will get a 3D model that will delight not only with its appearance, but also with the ability to use it in piece, small-scale or large-scale industrial production.

Entrust the development of a 3D model to professionals. Let's make your dream come true together!

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