Individual interiors production

Stylish, high quality, comfortable, what more could you want from the interior decoration? We create a design, a 3D model of the interior and bring it to life for you. Leather, metal, carbon, plastic. We know how to combine these materials in the salon of your dreams. We will create a composite base, equip the salon with the options you need in a single copy and in a unique style.

Salon is the inner space that surrounds us during the trip. What we constantly touch and always before our eyes. Therefore, the interior is an important part of the car to which the attention of both the driver and passengers is riveted.


The feeling of driving a car depends on its design, comfort and finish.

Our experts will develop a design, 3D model. We will produce both the entire interior and its individual parts.

You are not satisfied with the individual elements of your salon? Do you want a completely new salon? Install other seats? Equip the interior with new options that make the trip more comfortable? Do you prefer retro style, or maybe sporty minimalism? Be bolder in your dreams!

We are ready to make your dream come true. From dream to realization - one phone call. Call and consult with our experts!

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