Design and development of space and spar frames

Do you need to design, calculate or test a frame?


Our team is ready to design, calculate and manufacture a space or spar frame for you.

The frame is the basis of the car, a part of the structure, which is the link between the appearance and the technical content of the car. Rigidity, safety and handling of the car depends primarily on the frame. That is why we attach particular importance to performance calculations and frame testing.


We design, calculate and manufacture frames of any complexity for you

How will the mounts of the power unit, transmission and chassis be located? How will the outer body elements be attached to the frame and to each other? How are the loads distributed during the operation of the engine, transmission and suspension? What is the rigidity of the resulting structure? These important questions are addressed in the frame design process.


After the calculation and comprehensive tests, you can proceed to the manufacture of the frame.

Our specialists know all the subtleties of manufacturing spatial and spar frames.

No matter how beautiful a car is, it needs a base - that part of the structure that creates the strength and rigidity of the entire car. Whether it's a sports car, SUV or wheeled vehicles for other purposes, it is based on a spatial or spar frame.

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