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Custom studio "Wheels of Victory"

Our team was selected according to the same principles. Each of our employees loves what they do. It's not just a craft. This is an application of efforts for the birth of a new, unusual and unique. Something that brings satisfaction and joy to ourselves. Something to be proud of.

We use modern technologies to get the highest result. We make world class cars. Be it a custom car, a supercar or a hot rod. The highest quality remains unchanged.

We want you to understand that you are dealing with a product worthy of close attention. Whether it's the quality of the weld or the beauty of the design. We are for technical excellence, both outside and inside. You need to know what to spend your money on. 

Building your own car makes you a member of an elite club. Club of owners of exclusive cars. Fast, powerful, and most importantly unique. Built for you in a single copy.

Who among us in childhood did not dream of his car? Which should be the fastest, most beautiful and generally the best.
When your dreams have been transformed into desire, it's time to turn them into a real project. The body is one of the foundations of the car, as well as its appearance. Let's make it together!
It is this motto that reflects the essence of our work. The birth of a new car is within our power.
We can correct your model or create a new one, taking into account the purpose of the part, taking into account the parameters of reliability and further production.
We design, calculate and manufacture frames of any complexity for you.
The safety of our structures is a design priority.
Let's make the exhaust system of your dreams together!
We will create a composite base, equip the salon with the options you need in a single copy and in a unique style.
Does your car or motorcycle lack personality?
We will find the most effective solution and we will do it.
We can produce almost any part using modern technologies.
We know how to realize the full potential of your vehicle.
Multi-link or semi-dependent beam? Wishbone suspension or MacPherson?

Quality services at affordable prices

Custom ("Custom") - a generalized concept, which means any modified car that has received serious improvements in comparison with its serial version. Customs are called as cars with the refinement of the engine, chassis, and exclusively external modifications, and sometimes completely changed. Sometimes one and the same car can be called custom and street. How to position your car is already decided by its owner.

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