For prototyping and production, we have all the resources - from milling machines to 3D printers.

Our machine park allows us to manufacture a car part of any complexity and configuration, and most importantly, functionality. From metal to composite materials.



The principle of our Custom - Atelier is the pursuit of accuracy, mathematical calculations and repeatability. We make maximum use of high precision machining.

The development of design, 3D models, constructions takes place with the help of computer technology. Our specialists will design the part from scratch. Calculate and prepare for production.

When it is necessary to make a copy of a part or make a new one based on an existing one, 3D scanning is used to obtain a computer model of the part. Further work is carried out on the basis of the received "scan".

So more accurately, you can calculate the optimal pairing of parts, change the shape of the original parts and make the modernization of the design in general.

All 3D models are prepared in such a way that in the future they can be used for manufacturing on CNC machines.

We have at our disposal: CNC machines, 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutting and engraving. This allows us to produce both prototypes and small-scale models, as well as piece parts and mechanisms.

Do you need to design, calculate and manufacture a part? Do you want to change the design of your existing mechanism?

Contact us! We will find the best way to manufacture your parts or mechanisms and produce them.

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