Design and development of cars from customer's project

If you not only dream about, but also want to realize your project in reality. It's time to share these thoughts with us.

We will first transfer them to paper, and transfer his image from paper to life. Let's make your dreams come true!

It is this motto that reflects the essence of our work. The birth of a new car is within our power.


Making a car according to the customer's wishes

If you are undecided on what kind of car you want to build or your idea of ​​building your own car is in the realm of wishes, photos and drawings, it's time to share your dreams with us.

We are able to translate from the language of wishes "I want" into the language of technical parameters. We know what is fast, powerful or comfortable in terms of design.

We will help you choose a power unit, transmission and develop from scratch a spatial or spar frame, chassis. We will create a design, translate it into a 3D model and make a composite body based on it.

We make the whole car from pencil sketches to the finished design. You can describe our advantages for a long time, but it’s easier to say with the words of our slogan: “Your dreams are our realization!”

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