Design of suspension parts

What's better? Multi-link or semi-dependent beam? Wishbone suspension or MacPherson? Have you heard about the Ackermann angle?

You do not need to know this))) We not only know the answers to all these questions, but also how to implement all this in the chassis of your car.


Production of suspension parts

In production cars, the suspension is calculated according to the average requirements. Even "sports" cars have completely civilian suspension elements. If you need an uncompromising suspension that can realize the full potential of your car, then the most effective way is to use custom (that is, made specifically for your car) suspension parts.


Our designers design and calculate suspension parts to your specifications or preferences. After design and calculation, the parts are made by milling, laser cutting and welding by our specialists.

Production of steering knuckles, levers, replacement of a standard suspension with a suspension on an AL (articulated joints) - these works are within the power of our specialists! Please contact us for the manufacture, calculation or modification of the suspension design of your car.

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