Custom parts manufacture

Production of custom parts for cars and other equipment

You may not yet know the meaning of the word "custom", but look for someone who will make a custom part for you. Or you are specifically looking for the manufacture of custom parts. You are on the right track!

We manufacture parts according to the customer's specifications or design and manufacture from scratch the parts you need. A large machine park allows you to choose the method of manufacturing parts, whether it is: milling, 3D printing, laser cutting, welding, etc.


Every day, the relevance of manufacturing parts to order is growing. Serial parts become more expensive and the cost of their delivery increases. We can help solve these problems. We can produce almost any part using modern technologies. Starting from 3D printing and ending with milling.

You are not satisfied with the shape, design of the serial part? We will design for you a new, required shape based on the old part, taking into account your wishes and technical tasks / characteristics. And if you want and your imagination can fly beyond production cars, we are ready to develop a part from scratch.

Are you still looking for the right parts? It's time to make them with us!

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