Design and development of cars and other vehicles for production line

Refinement of your model or development of the final model of a car or other equipment for production

To develop a car model, part or assembly suitable for production, you need not only the ability to work in engineering programs, but also extensive experience in industrial production. Unfortunately, in real life, planners and designers are out of touch with production. Creating a beautiful picture does not guarantee its functioning or manufacturability. Our designers are familiar with manufacturing and have a wealth of machine tool experience.

We can correct your model or create a new one, taking into account the purpose of the part, taking into account the parameters of reliability and further production.

We have a machine park and experience of real production at our disposal. When creating a model, our specialists immediately think about its industrial production.

Your task is to prepare the model for production? Our team is ready to develop the final model for production or modify yours, taking into account its further production.

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